Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Latest Adventure

 The first of May a small town in Southern Ontario, Canada called Ailsa Craig hosts a different group of quilters from Across the big pond including Europe, The British Isles and different countries.
This year the quilters were from Denmark.
 They bring a quilt show with them for all to see and admire and they also teach some classes.
I took two classes, one with Charlotte Yye who is a master world quilter...
She taught Chiva Paintsticks and how to incorporate this work into a quilt.. Fabulous workshop.. unfortunately I forgot my camera that day ...darn! and since it was over an hour from home I did not bother to go get ...sigh.. Oh well I do have my samples which I will show at another time and the memories will last forever.
 This class I am showing you now was called Japanese Patchwork. Our teacher , Lisbet Borggreen was a delightful woman and had slides from the area where she lived.. Most interesting!
 I was absolutely intrigued with this idea and had to take the class. Each block has 9 finished pieces in it and depending on how you place them it gives you the design. The fun part is the back of your quilt has a different design than the front! not that cool!These are a few examples of the work

This is the front and back of my sample


Mama Pea said...

That IS cool, Maggie! I am totally intrigued by that! I would love to hear more about it!

Maggie R said...

Hi Stephanie..
I agree it is so fascinating.
It all rests on how you piece the basic circle. The concept is very much like cathedral windows..I'm sure you can find details if you google "Japanese Patchwork"
Thanks for stopping by

Monique U. said...

I should have been able to confidently state that I had never heard of Ailsa Craig, Ontario... had it not been for an early issue of Irish Quilting (Vol. 1, Issue 3), which I must have purchased while travelling. Few craft mags are available where I live in northern New Brunswick. Right there on page 10 of IQ is an Events Diary cryptically mentioning a display "Quilts of Ireland" for October 2009 in that Ontario town. Near the back of the issue an article by British quilt judge Tracey Pereira remarks, "I am constantly amazed at how quickly the quilt world changes". Amazing indeed, that while sitting at a computer we can reach out and share a craft that could once be enjoyed only with neighbors at a fireside. Amazing and humbling.

Marva said...

Oh how cool!!! You are such an amazing quilter! Love all your different squares!