Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Little Women

This is a new series of dolls I am doing called LITTLE WOMEN. They are 5 1/2" tall and are free standing stump bodies.The faces are my own hand molded in clay.These are really a pleasure to work on and each one has it's own story to tell.I often find myself talking to them and asking them if they approve of the apparel I am draping them with..... Is that a symptom?????
This one is called "Put a Geranium In Your Hat and Be Happy"
Yours to enjoy.
Note.... these dolls will be available on my Etsy Shop soon.


blumoon said...

I love this ... what an imagination! It's only a symptom of VCP ... (very creative person)! LOL.

KV said...

Oh, Maggie -- this doll is absolutely adorable! Love what you have done and look forward to the next one . . .

Kathy V in NM