Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Crazy Patch Workshop

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crazy quilt class

I have wanted to learn crazy patch quilting for such a long time, and the opportunity finally arrived. I took a picture of our teacher, Carol McLean explaining some of the history of the craft.Carol has taught all over the world including Australia and Hawaii, so it is an honor to be in one of her classes.

Carol is of Mennonite descent, and has wonderful stories and quilts to share. She is one of my "Mellow Yellow" quilting group as well. We make quilts for auction, supporting breast cancer research. But that's another story I will share at a later date..
Meanwhile back at the ranch!!!

The class project was a round cushion, and I have posted a picture of my beginning, along with the sampler of stitches we worked on in the workshop.
I have been saving all kinds of silks and velvets for the project, Oh what fun! and of course when all is said and done I will embellish with BEADS!!!
Stay tuned....


Gypsy said...

It already looks quite yummy, Maggie, so can't wait to see it finished and embellished!

Maggie R said...

Thanks Aryd'ell,
I was working on it to-day, along with a thread paiting..... Never a dull moment.

blumoon said...

I love this ... I think I would like to make one too. This looks like my type of quilting. Looking forward to seeing the finished result.