Monday, October 15, 2007

Check out my Slide Show!


tammy lang said...

oh great show maggie!!
i love the twiggy santa's and the moon and stars are my favorites-i have a moon and stars tatoo on my ankle~bet you didn't know i was so BOLD~heheeeeeee
beautiful breezy blue hugs:)

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

What an exceptionally great experience to sit and watch as your lil beauties ride by on your slide show! Your talent is overflowing Maggie, I'm in awe of your variety of skills on display here! Wow! Luv those prayer pillows! Wondering how long your p-card will take to get to you??? Please let me know when it arrives, I hope it didn't take a lil detour on its way to you...xo, Monica :)

Maggie R said...

Hi Monica, Gee thanks for the nice compliment. You know it's funny, I try something new and first thing I know I am addicted and so the story grows, and so does all I do..
Variety is the spice of life......right??!!

Maggie R said...

Hi MM..
Thanks for taking a peek at the show.... Too bad I can't serve popcorn!! VBG
I am so anxious to receive your FAP..... I will let you know immediately... You will hear the shrieks of joy I am sure!!! VBG