Friday, October 26, 2007

Sleeping Beauty

Here is the latest Goddess Doll I beaded. Finished her last night. Her name is Sleeping Beauty and is 3" tall.I just love teenie things, but I think the smaller it is the harder it is. OMG I even had to break out the curved needle which I hate using, but a necessary evil at times.


tammy lang said...

she's a beauty maggie:)
and i am right there with you using the curved needles;(
i don;t think i will ever get the 'real' hang of them but they sure do come in handy don't they LOL

Phyl said...

....she's so pretty w/those soft colors, Maggie! And such a sweet face! Love her.....

Gypsy said...

I cannot imagine doing any of that awesome beading WITHOUT my curved needled, Maggie!
She is a beauty!

girl_gone_thread_wild said...


Maggie R said...

thanks ladies,
I always appreciate your support. YES!!! Gypsy.... I keep trying with the curved needle but honestly the beads go one way and the needle goes another and then... there goes my vocabulary into the gutter!!!!

morningDove said...

I love your beaded doll and the Russian necklace doll. The necklace would be a cute FAT trade. Your work is awesome. morningDove

Maggie R said...

Goodmorning Morning Dove,
Thanks for taking a spin on my blog. and the nice comments.
Yes you are probably right about the russian doll necklace.
I'm not sure how to share the instructions. We had no written notes, It was just a see and do workshop and she didn't speak English!! I suppose I could do a sereies of pictures for the different steps, but I couldn't host the trade.
Anyway food for thought!
Thanks again

KV said...

I love what you do with these beaded dolls, Maggie. Most precious.

And I adore that Russian doll necklace, too!

Kathy V in NM

Maggie R said...

Hi Kathy.... Thanks for stopping by..... I just love to bead. I was away at a retreat all week-end with 33 gals. It was our quilt guild fall retreat, but I always take some other things to work on as well as my quilts. I took my snowman quilt which is queen size. It's all to-gether and now I am hand quilting it.
Then I took some art doll pins to bead, Funny thing was I took along my finished ones just so I would have something to go by and ended up selling them all!!!!My big worry was I had them listed on Etsy and hoped they hadn't been sold there too!!! LOL.... I was safe!!
THEN I took my wool rovings to work on some needle felting and guess what I made.....A SOCK MONKEY! It is absolutely adorable about 3 inches high. I could have sold a dozen of those !!!
I will post pictures later, right now I am pooped out and need a rest!!!!TTUL