Friday, September 28, 2007

Fairy Godmother

Here she is ready to watch over you, After trying on several scarves, she decided to wear her mink collar and cuffs. She really is style conscious!
Here is her story

welcome....welcome !!

Your fairy godmother has arrived.
She would have been here sooner but
she forgot your address.
She also needs a name
as she just experienced a brain fart and
can’t remember what she is called!
She may look aged and tired but never fear...
Her years only add to her experience.
She likes to nap when she can so
she is fresh when duty calls.
she tries to fit in by being fashion conscious
the magic wand has just been reconditioned.
it’s all ready for any upcoming challenge.
be gentle...if you need her help, guidance,
or advice, just rub her tummy and she will
awake...refreshed and ready for you.
if you are quiet & listen you may catch her
reminiscing about her adventures.


Christina said...

I think she is terrific and her litle fur collar, her stylish hat and her lap-sitting cat are wonderful. She's just perfect. How about "Patience" as a name for her because she looks like she has plenty of it.

Maggie R said...

That is a great name Christina....Thanks.