Monday, September 10, 2007

Hey Sailor!...... Bead Challenge

I finally got a fish done to add to my mermaid challenge.

This is the second one I have done. It certainly turned out better than the 1st one which looked like the "bait" rather than a fish VBG.
I love the title.... "Hey Sailor"....... Makes me smile.
It was a fun challenge but setting up the mermaid wasn't easy since the whole thing had to fit into a regular size brown bag. The big shell I was going to sit her in was just too big. I ended up putting her on a wooden base painted black , with a dowel inserted to prop her against.Covered it with a luscious green metallic fabric, and placed 3 shells on it so I would have someplace to put the fish. This piece did not come easy and I really wasn't
all that happy with the beading but I didn't have time to change it.....c'est la vie..... I guess she had a mind of her own!!!
The judging is next Saturday, Sept 15/07 so will get some pictures of all the entries to show you.
Stay tuned

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Grace said...

Wonderful creation Maggie. Thanks so much for giving me the heads up to check it out. Looks like you spend many hours in the creation of your dolls.

Love the 'hey sailor' title :-)