Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Another Journal

This journal has a moveable paper doll on the cover.I had fun doing these dolls awhile ago and i had a couple just waiting for their debut... Now as I was working on this one I have been trying to remember where the heck I have put my patterns and my supplies for doing them!!!! Godfreys I just have tooo much stuff!!!! The doll has an accordian book on the front and it i opens up with all kinds of encouraging words. Neat I thought. I beaded the fabric as well LOL


KV said...

I just love this project, Maggie! You would have laughed your head off watching me try to remember where I had tucked away the templates for Victorian lady paper doll gift tags here -- you just know I found them two days after I shipped the gifts I wanted to put them on . . .

Kathy V in NM

Maggie R said...

Hey Kathy. You are one of the bunch!!!!!! I guess it's Murphy's Law or something but doesn't it bug you when that happens. Now I hope you have placed the templates in a good spot where you will remember!!! Yeah right.
If you find a solution please share.!!!!!
Maggie in warmer Canada.....Yeay!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Maggie, Wow, I love your paper doll journal! Now I am inspired!

tammy lang said...

hi miss magpie
great journals!!!
i so wish we lived closer so i could watch you in action and pick your brain for ideas :D
in its going to be rain on sunday ct ;( bah humbug