Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Beaded Face Exchange, 2007

Goodmorning ,
Well Here it is! I worked on the face pin lastnight after my company left.
I got going and was having such a good time I didn't realize the time and ended up finishing around 4am!! LOL
I am very happy with the pin which was my first effort. I haven't attatched the pin back yet, but I will do that later.Thought I would leave that part when I was fresh and rested!!!!! Whenever that is??!!
Can't wait to do another one!!!! Beading is Soooooooo addictive VBG
See you soon


Maggie R said...

I should have titled this Beaded Face Pin Exchange 2007.........
BUT being new here I didn't see where i could edit it so there you go!!!!
I'm learning.

Grace said...

Maggie... it's BEAUTIFUL!! Are you going to make more??? I love the colors in this one.

Beadin' Gram said...

Love it, Maggie. I think I will work on a pin (or 2 or 3) this weekend. I love this exchange -- I have thus far seen this one of yours and 3 by Grace -- and 3 by Bobbi -- all are fantastic.
Beadin' Gram / Jackie in Illinois

beadbabe49 said...

I just love this face (also have the mold) and what you've done with it is just fabulous!

Maggie R said...

Thanks Gals for all the nice comments.

Joslyn - Wildspirit Tart said...

Maggie, I was lucky enough to get this pin in the Face Swap! Woohoo!

She is beautiful, thank you very much.

I have posted a pic of her on my blog: