Monday, November 12, 2007

Mammogram Slam!



Christina said...

Maggie, she's a hoot and looks just the way I feel, after my dreaded visit to have my boobs ironed. Strangely, it never seems to get any of the creases out!!

tammy lang said...

heheeeeee love it maggie
mamogram slam!!!!-i am due for the lovely procedure all toooooooo soon:(
you know a guy had to come up with THAT technique-heheheeeee

Anonymous said...


I love her! Did you peak when I had my bra off?

If men had to have their sac squashed like our breasts, they would come up with another type of test!

Thanks for sharing MS with us, she is so fun.

Beadily yours

Maggie R said...

Hi Gals...
Yes I guess we have all been there done that and as Martha would say"It's a Good Thing!!"
Ironic how we spend our lives trying to keep them puppies "up" and then they flatten them in a wink!!! tee hee

Gudonya said...

O...M...G! That is GREAT, Maggie! You know, she could have avoided that by practicing for her mammo out on the garage floor with cinder blocks! lol ~deb :o)

Maggie R said...

I know, but she didn't listen!!!!((((hugs))))