Sunday, November 18, 2007

My Creative Space.

Well You asked for it!!!! I have so much stuff I can't make it any more tidy!!! When I try I can't find anything~!!
When I'm working I can look outside through the patio doors and see the garden and the birdies.... This time of year is pretty drab as far as the flowers go but the cardinals, chicka-dees and blue-jays leep me entertained. In the summer we get the gold finches and if we are lucky maybe some hummingbirds....
I neglected to tell you I keep my fabric in one of the bedrooms which has a walk-in closet. The main spcae was suppose to be a family room. The plan was for me to have half the space and the bedroom for my studio... the other half was for my DH pool table, dart board, and hammond organ..... well as you can see 6 year later, he lost the deal.... The pool table makes a wonderful working place for me to cut things out etc!! Playing pool is not an option anymore!!!!PS he doesn't care....whew! :-)


blumoon said...

A pool table is a fancy cuttin' table. Remember they Beverly Hillbillies, the Clampetts and their fancy eatin' table. LOL.
A lovely magical place where beautiful things are born.

Phyl said...!What wonderful "digs" you have to work and play in!Thanks for sharing your studio..
it's very friendly and the "chocolate" pillow!And the pile of gorgeous satin and glittery fabrics...the perfect place to create!

Gypsy said...

I would be right at home in your space, Maggie...all that is missing are some mountains out your window!

Maggie R said...

Hey everyone, thanks for visiting! You mean I didn't scare you away with all this "stuff"

tammy lang said...

miss magpie
scare us away???
i wanna come play at your house!!!
good golly miss maggie you sure do have lots of great stuff and i mean LOTS-VBG

Carolyn said...

I love your own special creative work space ! organised chaos , i call mine !
I`d love to have a root about yours please ! maybe come across something and you`ll say , i forgot i had that !

Bettina Makley, aka Fairywebmother. said...

Beautiful space! Doesn't look at all cluttered. I'm afraid mine is just a big pile of paint, fabric, beads and paper!! OK, that's an exageration...but I REALLY need to organize! Thanks, for the inspiration! :)

Maggie R said...

Thanks Bettina
I need to be reassured it is NOT a cluttered mess!! I never was one to organize! I have been trying for years and OH Heck!@!! it just wastes creativity time!! VBG

Pat Winter said...

I wanna come play at your house!!!
How very inviting.