Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Meet, Anne Larock,of Ingersoll, Ontario Canada.The clippings tell the story.( Click on the picture and it will enlarge it so you can read it.)She is seen here with her little family. English born, this lady has been affiliated with the quilt world for many years. She helped establish quilting here at the Creative Art Centre. Anne taught quilting for many years.She was honored by the quilt world when one of her quilts was chosen as a gift to Prince Charles and Lady Diana of England. You can see the write up here in one of the pictures.
Anne's daughter arranged this tribute to her mother as a surprise! Ann thought she was coming to the gallery to see an art show. Some of her quilts are shown here. The hand quilting on her quilts is absolutley perfect. It was a pleasure to meet Anne, and although she does not quilt anymore, the memories linger on. My husband enjoys all these openings and can be seen enjoying the display.


Jackie said...

She does beautiful work, I don't blame your husband for admiring it.

Maggie said...

what a wonderful tribute!!