Thursday, February 21, 2008

Did You See What I Saw?

WOW!! did you see the eclipse of the moon? It was a beautiful sight. I nipped the top pictures from my daughters blog which she took herself,,,, you should have a look at her blog as she is a very talented artist and writer(Proud Mother got sidetracked!!)but the others I took myself. Now the big orange one was a terrific opportunity to get this shot as I rode past on my broom!!!!!VBG
Oh Yes I forgot to mention the only picture I REALLY got was the dark one with 3 specks in the middle!!!!!!!!!!hahahahahhaha The others I really got from the TV!!!!!!
OK so I haven't had enough sleep lately and I'm giddy!!!!!!I think I better go to bed!


Spokane Gal said...

The three star one is almost exactly what I got. I don't know what posessed me to think that my tiny digital camera would take a picture of that spectacular sight.

Maggie R said...

HEE HEE... well one can always hope!

Jackie said...

Wow Maggie, I love your pictures. I still have to check out the ones I took. I used the digital as my camera didn't have film so I am hoping they turned out as well as yours did.

morningDove said...

Oh Maggie those are great pics and I appreciate you sharing them. I would have missed this totally if you had not shared.

Anonymous said...

hi miss magpie :)
oh yes i saw that wonderful site!!
its was beautiful-as is yours and your daughters pic's-having been to her site she is a wonderful artist-just like proud mama!!
surprised that i didn't bump into you when i was up there on my broom too-VBG
have a great day
you know i am having a great day already and its only 8:11 a.m.
tammy :)

tammy said...

me again
hmmm wonder why my post came up anonymous???

Maggie R said...

surprised that i didn't bump into you when i was up there on my broom too-VBG
have a great day
HI TAMMY...... Hee hee.... I'm grounded to-day as my broom is in for an oil change!!
I expect you are out playing in the snow.. well Better late than never...
I'm off to do some beaded bags to-day.
Have a good one

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the great pix! I missed seeing it; glad I went by on my broom earlier, too!heh, hehe

blumoon said...

Ma ... you are making me blush. LOL.

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

just incredible, i didn't have a clear shot when it happened from here but i'm tickled you & others are blogging about this event so I didn't miss out entirely. Great pics! I'm enthralled by the colorings too...just miraculous isn't it! Wow, let me catch my breath...Monica :)

Sue in western Washington, USA said...

We were shocked to be able to see it so clearly here in the normally cloudy pacific northwest. Quite a site! I didn't think to try to photograph it though. (I'm not an instinctive photographer like some people!) Wish I could have been out soon enough to see you gals on your brooms!!! ;- ) (Where do I get one of those by the way?)

Clevelandgirlie said...

Ms. Magie.... - these pictures are fantastic. I took a bunch - but they looked like big black beachballs - and I have a good camera. Don't know what I did wrong. Love your parcel from Wild Girl - she does know how to spoil us, doesn't she!!!

PS You have a talented daughter too?? I must go have a look!