Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Fun Time at Retreat

Hi everyone,
Thought you might like to see what we "Mellow Yellows" do when we get away on our own...
This place is a little bit of heaven for us and has turned into an annual event for the past few years. We love our time to-gether here. It is so quiet and peaceful, far from the maddening crowd. There are many different buildings on the property and are spread out over many acres. We always stay in the "House of Prophet" which suits our needs. We bring gifts for each other, each person is responsible for making one meal, and we have time to rest or read or just daydream!!. Of course we bring our sewing machines, projects to work on and generally have a wonderful time to-gether.I feel so blessed to have these women as my friends. They mean the world to me.... so come on in and check us out!!


blumoon said...

What a great place-I finally get to see it. LOL. Were you able to walk the labyrinth?

Maggie R said...

Hi Blu,
No We didn't go outside as the mosquitos were too hungry!!!!!
Hopefully next time.... Interesting eh??

Phyl said...

Thanks for sharing this special place....I especially love their creed!

Maggie R said...

Hi Phyll.
Yes this really is a special place in every way.....
So peaceful and honestly you should hear the different birds that play their melodies all day long.....I't wonderful....