Monday, January 19, 2009

From Canada With Love

I belong to a group of women(4 of us..Carol,Heather,Karen and Maggie) called the Mellow Yellows.
We get to-gether and sew quilts for charity. We have been donating quilts for"The Quilt" for more than 10 years bringing in hundreds of dollars for the cause.We are proud of our achievements which leaves us with a warm fuzzy feeling.
This year we decided to make comfort quilts for wounded soldiers.These are some pictures of our latest sewing day and the finished lap quilt we made. We used fabric with the maple leaf on it since it is on our flag
It is on it's way to a wounded soldier with love and hope it gives some comfort with our appreciation for the job they do.
BTW ...the room we use belongs to the Oxford Quilters Guild of which we all are members (Be sure and take a peek). It is a wonderful facility . We hold our guild meetings here and it can be used any time unless it is already in use.


Sharon said...

Maggie what a wonderful project and so nice of you all to do. I also went to the guild site and wow. That cinco de mayo quilt video was fantastic. What a fun guild. I bet you all have aroaring good time. I just know you wear sequins to the meetings. Gleefully, Sharon

Laurie said...

Hi Maggie, your group does beautiful work, and what a great mission project, which you know is so appreciated. Bless you and the Mellow Yellows!

Carla said...

How wonderful of you! It's a beautiful quilt too.

*~tabby~* crooked heart art said...

hi maggie
beautiful quilt and a wonderful gesture-
you mellow yellow girls ROCK!!!
i peeked around the room you use-such beautiful quilts there
thanks for sharing your art and souls
x's &o's
tammy :)

Rein said...

This is wonderful!