Monday, March 9, 2009

MY LATEST and they are on their way .The starry Night will be off to England, and the flower stamen,( very magnified) will go to Florida.


Mommy Mac said...


You are VERY taleneted! I have the tool to do felting, but haven't done it yet. I really want to.

AND, I LOVE your quote, "Life is short, weat sequins." I might have to borrow that from time to time. I feel the same way.

My Gramma has a good one:

"Summer diamonds are always in season."

"Some are diamonds, some are not!"

My personal favorite is:

"It's hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world."

- Dolly Partin

Looks like we have much in common!

Thanks for stopping by! I am doing giveaways every week in March. You will have to come back to my place too!!!

.mac :)

Micki said...

Your postcards are wonderful! I especially loved starry night. Lovely8 work!

Clare W said...

Starry Night is quite exquisite. I have been felting too - it's quite liberating after quilting!

jan said...

Fabulous Maggie, you are just so talented. lol Jan

pam said...

So pretty. How talented are you?

Prpldy said...

Those are awesome Maggie! I'll have to try my hand at a postcard, I've done other needle felting.

Hey you won a gift from my blog. Can you please contact me with your mailing address.


Tiffany said...

Those are nice!

Please stop by my blog, Eat at Home and leave a comment today. Each comment is worth $1 for the Global Food Crisis fund and all you have to do is comment. SITS girls are great at that!

urban craft said...

Very beautiful work. Found you from 3rd Eye Muse's site. You have a great blog. Thanks!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Oh my goodness!!! Do you make all this stuff!? Incredible!