Friday, May 1, 2009

Another Postcard

Here is another postcard for a trade.... I am trying to learn crazy patch ..... I said TRYING!! very trying at times...You will have to overlook my feeble attempt at a spider in a spider web!! I couldn't find any help with the subject.. However, I shall carry on... I am not easily discouraged ;=}


Judith said...

Maggie, your Crazy Patch card is great. I'm starting some too, I would be glad if mine looked like yours! have fun

Micki said...

Crazy patch is so much can be so creative with it. You did a lovely job!

Clare W said...

aha funny that I did my first Crazy patch this week - I love it and could take it further!

Maggie R said...

goodmorning ladies... Thanks so much for popping by and leaving such sweet comments...
We are just one big sisterhood and isn't it grand..
Thanks again for visiting and do stop by again..

Reflections of life and art said...

Maggie, your Crazy Patch is lovely...I think you did a great job on your spider! Anyone would be glad to swap cards with you!

Pursuing Art... said...

Oh, Maggie...I think your crazy patch is wonderful! I like the spider in the web too! Glad you don't get discouraged easily...your heart art is wonderful!

Hope the sun in shining on you!

XO ~Lisa ;-)

jan said...

Hey Maggie, your spider is much much better than the one I did on the first crazy card I made, it looked as though it had been caught, by itself, in its own web. Oh dear!!! hahaha Jan

Sharon said...

Maggie being the creative person you are, you will love crazy quilting. It is somuch fun and the sky is the limit. By the way I love your African doll too and the story that goes with it. I also love your new header. You have been busy. Hugs to you, Sharon

Maggie R said...

Hi to each and every one of you and the sweet comments you leave. I really do appreciate you stopping by..
You had me laughing Jan re your first spider & web.... haha. I felt the same way about mine VBG
I have been struggling with another card to-day....I need to practice my embroidery stitches but finding time to play is hard!!! and no I am not easily discouraged Lisa.. Just a stubborn Libra!!
Toodles for now..

Dogwood Flowers said...

Hi, the postcards are pretty. Maggie, would you please go to my blog and see if you can get to it. Please let me know. thanks hugs,

Clara said...

I enlarged the picture and I think you're doing great! It's beautiful. BTW, I found you because you started following me on Twitter. Thanks!

Terri's ThreadArt said...

This is beautiful!!! So are the puzzle pieces you made! Wasnt that a scary but fun project!
It will be so much fun to get our swap pieces in the mail.
After my Mom visit is over ~ I am going to send you a little pin cushion so you have a sample to copy. I have your card with your address from the beautiful pin you sent me.
I also have a few goodies for your crazy quilting.
It may be a few weeks ;)
Happy Summer!