Monday, July 20, 2009

Lace Grab Bags

Hi Everyone..

I am trying to get some more space in my studio and have decided to sell some of my supplies that I have too much of..

This week I am working on lace. The grab bags will contain AT LEAST 10 yards of assorted pieces. all very very nice quality, and at a good price. I will also include a yummy bonus with each order....

If you are interested please see them in my Etsy Shop.

Thanks for your interest


Flores Hayes said...

a great find for panda fanatic!
my roommate and i LOVE this bag

Jackie said...

Maggie, are you finding it as hard as I do to get things together to sell. I always end up thinking that I will use the item up sooner or later.

God bless.

Sharon said...

Just bought your bag Maggie! I am suppost to be destashing. Ha Did someone say lace..... Thanks! Sharon

Maggie R said...

Hi Jackie,
Yes I hate trying to get things to-gether to sell. I always start a selection, and then I think NO!! I might use it!!! I have so much in my stash since I do so many things..
I use to do smocked beaded dresses, and when I found a good buy on fabric I would buy the whole bolt. and never of course use it all up! I like to make different bags and there again same story. Dolls aren't so bad but fibre arts stuff takes up a lot of room as does the traditional rug hooking, Now I am doing crazy quilting and there again!!!!!!! Love to bead.... I could bead myself across the nation.... Do you think I should go for therapy!! HEE HEE...
Anyway anyone that does place an order for anything I sell will be pleasantly surprised at the "extras"they get!LOL
Thanks for popping by Jackie. Always a treat to see you.
I haven't been doing much visiting....feeling unwell and arthritis in my hands and shoulders. I think it is because I have recently been taken off the Prednisone for the PMR. I will be back to full speed soon.!!!
I am on my DH computer as mine is at the hospital...
I'll be over to visit you soon.

Maggie R said...

Hi Sharon.... Gee thanks for your support. I know what you mean about lace... I love it and have accumulated way too much!
The word "Destash" makes me nervous!!VBG Why am I so attatched to all my stuff?????. I know I should let go!! I said to Jackie "do you think I should be in therapy????!" ROTFL
I hope you like the selection I am sending... you may get more than you bargained for!!

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

What a gorgeous collection of laces! I have some too but never seem to use them. I must figure out some projects to make so they don't just linger in my crafty drawer!!! Still, like you, I find it very hard to get rid of them!

Nishant said...

I use to do smocked beaded dresses, and when I found a good buy on fabric I would buy the whole bolt. and never of course use it all up!
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