Friday, August 14, 2009

New Listing

Goodmorning everyone..

Haven't done much posting lately.... You know how it is... life just gets in the way.

I am happy to report my doctor checked my arthritis pain this week and I now have a medication that has stopped the pain. My hands and shoulders were so sore I could not type very much let alone sew or create.

I have new-found energy now that I am feeling better.

I Joined Artfire quite awhile ago and I finally got around to adding some things to my ARTFIRE page.
I will add more in time as I am now able to get back to the drawing board.

We are finally getting summer in Southern Ontario and the gardens are looking good, not only to me but to the rabbits.... Seems Blood Meal does not discourage them!!!! sigh


Judith said...

I know what you mean with Arthritis.It can really make life miserable.I'm glad you have got the pain under control.

Sharon said...

So glad you have found something for the pain Maggie. I am looking forward to new creations from you,you talented lady. Sharon

Jackie said...

I am glad that your doctor found something to help you with the pain.

We had about a week of summer weather this year so far and I am hoping for a bit more before winter strikes.

God bless.

pam said...

Yay for summer! Wasn't last week wonderful? Just in time for school to start.

I love your newest creation!

Terri's ThreadArt said...

maggie I am SO glad you are feeling better! Enjoy the rest of your summer!
Lot of Love,

purplepaint said...

Hi Maggie! I actually had to put a fence around my garden to keep the dog and the rabbits out. The rabbits can get under it if they really want to but the older ones don't bother, they're too busy eating all the other things in the yard. LOL! :D Marva

purplepaint said...

I'm glad they're giving you some relief from the pain. My shoulder bothers me a lot, but not enough to stop me, luckily.