Friday, April 2, 2010

more Cards

I wanted to try a lighthouse done with the rovings and here it is.
title is Sailors Beware. I think I like it.


Cotton Picker said...

I think I like it too.

Happy Easter, Maggie. :)

Jackie said...

I'm sure I like it LOL.
Really very lovely.
Happy Easter.

Anonymous said...

Very soft and delicate!Well done.

Sharon said...

Oh Maggie I love this card. Reminds me of our sailing days in the Gulf Islands. Thanks for coming by my blog. I am feeling much better, thanks. I was really set on my heels for quite some time though. But never count me out, as I wear sequins too!

Maggie R said...

Happy Easter to each of you dear friends.. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving sweet comments on this piece. It is funny to me that I like to do scenes with the ocean .I Love to look at the ocean and when we lived by the sea I would puddle around and swim in it but I do not like deep water therefore never desire to take a cruise!
THanks again for stopping by

Jensters said...

I love this maggie with the lighthouse....simly wonderful.....happy easter sunday.


The waters look so misty! I love it. Wonderful job! Hope you have had a wonderful Easter!

quiltcrazygal said...

THANK YOU for the most wonderful postcard ever! Your work is so stunning and I am so proud to have your postcard. Thanks for being my friend! Jenna Louise

Wanda -Maria Roszak said...

Hi Maggie,
Your postcard is like a vibrant, beautiful, like me,
I wish you much health, greet, Wanda