Thursday, September 2, 2010


Goodmorning Dear Followers,
I was so excited this morning to see I now have 200 followers. How excitingI want to thank each and every one of you for being a follower of my blog.
I hope I can continue to hold your interest. I will try very hard to post on a regular basis with something interesting for you to see.
As a Thank You I am selecting 3 winners.
#1.. will receive the whimsical tote bag, with interesting closure and an inside pocket to house your cell phone and other things.

#2 and #3 will receive a bird's nest pendant ..

One with a gold theme and one with a siver theme.
I will post the winners later to-day so stay tuned.


Carla said...

Congrats! How cute the bag and pendants too. :)

Dolores said...

What wonderful giveaways. Congratulations on reaching 200 followers.

Suztats said...

200! Congratulations! And what a nice giveaway!

Cotton Picker said...

Hi Maggie:

Now you have 201 followers. :)


Dotti said...


Lottie said...

My heartiest congratulations wow 200 followers!