Sunday, December 12, 2010

Artists Of Oxford County

In November I was part of a juried show and sale called Artists Of Oxford County
I Sold Twiggy Santas which were a big hit.
I also sold my original beaded healing spirits,beaded jewellery, handmade cards and tote bags

The weather was good and we had a very large crowd of holiday shoppers.

During the week-end we were entetained by two fabulous groups, one performed folk songs and the other was a fabulous jazz group

A good time was had by all and already I am looking forward to next year


Healing Woman said...

Your Santa's are really cute. No wonder they were a hit. Looks like a good show.

freebird said...

Glad you enjoyed your show. Your holiday header is great! Glad to see someone I "know" in the Sketchbook Challenge"!

Robin said...

I see you figured out how to add the BJP logo and to make a link to BJP blog 1! Bravo!

Maggie R said...

Thanks for stopping by dear friends..
To be honest I am happy to have the shows over with for this season. Nothing happening until May when I will be involved in a studio tour.. Never a dull moment.
Freebird... The Sketchbook sounds like fun.. can't wait. It has been years since I sketched and painted.
Hey Robin.... Yeah!! I did figure it out with Carol DeLater's help...
I sometimes think I should be taking an extended computer course!! ....sigh....
It's on my Bucket List!
Speaking of the BJP for 2011, I had a brainwave and decided on a couple of possibilities for my project.... Excitement reighns!

Sharon said...

Oh Maggie the Santa s are darling. A lot went into making those. I see on the news Ontario has had horrendous snow, closing roads, etc. Is this near you? Do take care.

PAM said...

I am going to have to keep my ear out for this one next looks like a lovely show. I didn't even make it to the Lucan show this year:(

I have been going to the Lucan Craft show for as long as I can remember, it is the unofficial kick off to the Christmas season for me. Next year for sure! Do you go to the Lucan show?

Maggie R said...

Hello dear friends.
Well I guess it is over for another year.... Mr. Ho Ho Ho was very good to us and the weather remained cold and clear roads for driving. Such a treat to drive to spend time with friends and family.
Pam I hope you can make it next year to the art show and sale at Craigowan.
In the spring te Artists of Oxford are having a studio tour of which I am a part of..Would be a lovely time for you of you can make it.