Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Recycle Glass Candle Jars

I thought I would share this idea with you..
I like to buy candles in pretty glass jars. After the candle is all used up I clean out the container and use it to store buttons.The buttons look so pretty displayed this way and adds a neat decoration to my studio.
The pin cushion  gifted to me by a friend is made from an old piece of porcelaine.Another neat idea.
Note: the star shaped button  in the bigger jar was on a darling dress my Mother made for me when I was about 6 years old.I now realize that button is 70 years old!!!!!


Jackie (Tillie's Daughter) said...

Love that you still have your special Star button.
Sooooo sweet.

Mama Pea said...

Maggie, forgive my tardiness in commenting. I'm catching up. This is a great idea. I recycle other jars, but never thought to with candle jars. How do you get everything out of there.

That is SO COOL that you still have that button. What a treasure!