Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Bracelets

Here is the bracelet I learned in class on Tuesday.
I just LOVE  the design. The centre is swarski crystals surounded by delicas and seeds..
I'm not sure the picture captures the beauty. The one I finished is done with 24kt. gold delicas, silver plated silver delicas, and grey seed beads. The centres are clear swarski crystals that sparkle so beautifully.
When I finished that one I looked in my stash and picked out some other colors I could try. These combinations are lovely too...I would have finished the next two I started but it is very intense beading and since I broke my glasses the cheaters I am using are not the best for close work!! Better take a rest....
I would finish these this morning but my DH and I are off to the city.
He has an appt. to see the specialist and discuss all the tests he had regarding the year long bout with migraines and a heart valve issue..
Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.


Nancy said...

These are just beautiful! I enlarged the photo to get a better look at all the delicate work you did. Lovely. All the best in getting answers for your husband's health concerns.

Clare Wassermann said...

They are really lovely - especially when enlarged x

GeorgiaHikerGirl said...

Hi, Maggie. I love those bracelets. I'm Lucinda, your cousin Manford's eldest daughter. I've just started beading, so I'll be watching your blog to pick up ideas. Cheers, Lucinda

Sharon said...

Maggie hope all goes well with the doctors. Fingers crossed.
I love your bracelets. They certainly have the wow factor. Your fish bag is darling too.
We have had a cool rainy summer so far. I am hoping for better sunshine next week. Everything is so behind in the garden. But I sure don't wish for the heat wave on the East coast.

Wanda -Maria Roszak said...

Hi Maggie,
How beautifully They have done a work of the beads are beautifully, I wish you much success and health,

Regina said...

The bracelets are lovely, what delicate work. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

Maggie R said...

Hello dear friends,
Thank you for the lovely comments .It is always inspiring when you know people like your work.
Hey Lucinda,
So happy to see you here.I hope you will come by often .
How's your Mom?
Must try to get to see her before the summer is gone.