Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer Retreat at Crieff

These are some pictures from my annual quilt retreat with friends.
We  have a lot of fun with lots of quilting and eating..... and eating.... and quilting!
We stay in a wonderful century house called House Of Prophet.
Upon arrival we have lunch and open our goodie bags we share with each other.
The first morning one of the gals always treats us to eggs benedict.... YUMMO!
The weather was very rainy but we didn't mind as we were busy with our sewing projects.

 This  is Carol's quilt

 Here is Karen with one of her quilt tops. She won the prize for the most productivity(She pieced 3 quilts tops!)

 This is the one I was working on... a postage stamp.. Still have a lot ot do but those little 1 1/2" squares take a lot of sewing to make one block.

 This is Karen with her challenge quilt
 Here is Heather's

 Lunch  outside. It was nice and sunny the day we arrived

This is the housewe stay in for 3 days. We have 4 tables set up in the sunroom at the far left. SEW MUCH FUN...  


Bunny said...

Sure looks like you had fun. Love the quilts thanks for sharing.

Quilt Rat said...

Looks like a fabulous one of those shots it appears someone is after your sandwich LOL

and that Karen....she must be a super speed sewer vrooommm!

Friends, wonderful quilts, good food......what could be better?

Mama Pea said...

That looks like so much fun! Wow! I love your postage stamp quilt. I am so in love with postage stamp quilts. Why? they are so simple in design, but really effective! Glad you had a good time!