Tuesday, August 23, 2011

catching up

I have wanted to try one of Terry Grants birds for ages and I finally got around to it.... It was a fun time.. I want to do more.
I had more pictures of my activities lately but cannot find them. I guess they will turn up eventually so stay tuned


Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Maggie, that little bird is darling. You will have to tell us how you made it. It looks like cloth. And that beaded necklace is awsome. I love it!!! You do so many pretty things.
Hugs, Pat

Nancy said...

The bird turned out great. Making one is on my to-do list, too.

Terry Grant said...

Your bird is fabulous!

Nancy B said...

What a beautiful bird! You asked how to join the Every Inchie Monday group and I thought that I'd tell you that you just make an inchie on their Monday theme and post it on their website. Simple as that and open to all.

Unknown said...

Your bird is so sweet! Hi Maggie, I have missed you too! This summer has been challenging, my Mom was ill but she is doing much better! I am back to blogging land and thank you for for being my friend!

Maggie R said...

Hello to my dear followers.
Thank you for popping by to see what I have been up to.
Good to hear from you Pat. I wondered where you were?Hope all is well with that new pup!
Thanks Nancy... be sure and make a bird. It was a great way to spend the afternoon.
and Terry! I was so happy to see you here. Your bird pattern was so easy to follow. Mind you the legs were a little tricky but I think practice will make it easier.. A million thanks for this awesomwe project.
Nancy B.... Thanks for visiting... re the inchies .. they are on my bucket list... soon I hope.They look like so much fun..
Jenna....HI! Happy to hear your Mom is doing better. and I imagine your summer has been busy...
I haven't had a lot of time to visit my friends in blogland.. Getting ready for the opening of a local art gallery. I was selected for one of my creations for the opening and I have been accepted into their gift shop as well.. so I have been working hard to get things done for that.... NEVER A DULL MOMENT... as Martha Stewart would say.."It's a Good Thing"toodle-ooo for now

Vicki Miller said...

I love it maggie, but where to find the time? thanks for stopping by my blog

WandarArt.Stitch said...

Hi Maggie,
These are beautiful jackets for small children, and everything you do is beautiful.
I greet you cordially, many kisses,

Mrs Minton makes... said...

wow how pretty!! love your blog!