Tuesday, August 7, 2012


                                         The Postman was busy this morning.....
                            I t took me a moment to remember what I was expecting.. Oh Dear!!
                               Sometimes shopping on line late at night leaves me wondering!!!
                  First of all I got my Ver Day Paint Kit....It's all your fault Lottie!!! VBG
                                (check out Lottie's Charms that she used the VerDay on)
                                    This parcel came from a Canadian source called
                              Pewter Art in Calgary Alberta  and was priced at $29.99.
                                 A very good price after all the searching I did online...
                             Ever since I saw what Lottie was doing with this I wanted it!
I think I will use it to create some special metal journal  covers,
 and the other idea I have is to do some of my doll faces that I create to give them that special look.
Woops I gotta go get a tissue, I am drooling :)

Here was my 2nd parcel from Amazon..These books are jam packed full of all kinds of ideas.I was especially anxious to get Sue Bleiweiss' book (The Sketchbook Challenge).... an online blogging friend. It is a fabulous book Sue. I can hardly separate myself from it :)

                                  The 3rd parcel came from one of my favorite Ebay shops in China.
                                                 For anyone that makes bags and totes,
                                        These are the magnetic closures.I got 10 sets for 99cents!!!!
                                                                  FREE SHIPPING
                                                                 You gotta love that!
So I think after all this excitement I need a nap.....No Way Maggie!!
Gotta get busy
Hope y'all have a great day, I know I am :)


Lottie said...

Wow what a great parcel! I love those closures, I'll have to look at the UK ebay to get some of them. I tried ages ago to find a UK supplier without any luck

I am so looking forward to seeing what you do with the Verday paints. The cost £30 for the set over here - (all but 2p that is) and postage on top! It does make our blood boil over here that we pay double for 'stuff' than other countries - but hey ho - we are only a little island.

It's wonderful to see you crafting again and feeling so much better I hope

Magpie's Mumblings said...

oooh - don't you just love it when the postman brings some good stuff! I have my Sketchbook on order - can't wait for it to come.

Mama Pea said...

I love it when the post man/woman brings me goodies. A lot of times, I can't remember what I ordered. We are kindred spirits, Maggie!