Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Hello dear friends...I am so sorry it has been so long since I posted.
Too many things going on, but here I am at last.
We became GREAT GRAND PARENTS a week ago to a darling wee girl named Raya. More about that later.
First I wanted to show you what my offerings were in the gallery show  so here
are the pictures
I'm afraid between Blogger and having to do this on my old computer since I don't know how to do this on my Windows 8, I could not write beside each picture to explain it. The first pair of mini quilts are 6"x9" the little sunbonnet Sue blocks are 1". I named it "Woops I Shrunk The Kid" The 2nd quilt is a familiar pattern called Umbrella Girls. I have a bed sized one like this.
The second set are Molas which are needle punched and then beaded.
The next picture has 2 pieces in it, the one is a beaded piece called "Starry Starry Night" from Vincent Van Gogh's painting. It is 4"x6"
the second piece is a miniature kimono done in black wool and embellished with beads and special bits and bobs. The next one is a seascape with lighthouse done in wool rovings, with embroidery and beads.
Next is another beaded piece 4"x6" called "Somewhere" from the song Over the Rainbow,
then there is a dresden plate quilt which is 6"x6" I named this one "Dinner For Four"
Next is a fall scene of the woods and leaves falling from the trees. It is done with wool rovings, beads and threads. These are my art doll pinsmy art doll pins which I mounted in a silk covered frame to keep them when not wearing them. One is a "Wild Woman" and one is an oriental design.
Hope you enjoyed seeing these pieces. I was very excited to learn some of the pieces were sold. Next I will try to blog about the new great grand baby and the quilt I made for her.


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Dolores said...

I'd like to say that those are certainly impressive when you give us the size. One inch Sunbonnet Sues? And a 6" Dresden Plate quilt that has 4 plates? Wow. I do love that Van Gogh.
Your header photo is wonderful. I love flamingos.

Maggie R said...

what the heck is Kaufman art.....Have I been hacked???

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Lovely to see all your art pieces - and glad to hear that you sold some too. As for the Kaufman 'thing' - I think it's just spam.

Jackie said...

Beautiful work Maggie.

God bless.