Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hello, is it Spring Yet???

I'm not sure if it is Spring yet! The snow is still around and it is still cold. I think I will go back to sleep!


girlgonethreadwild said...

Hi gorgeous, I've missed you!!! Well, she is done, d-o-n-e, dooooone. Wanna feel Spring? Stop by, there is someone who wants to meet you d'ling.

Love my free time to peruse blogs, checkin out what ya been up to. XO, Monica

Anonymous said...


Has Tammy been waving the snow wand around again?


Carolynl said...

Well you touched my heart ...just reading this ... thank you for commenting on my blog ... the cab used was from an Australian gemstone ... I loved the cab you used ... very inventive using an earring ... it looked terrific ...

Maggie R said...

Hello Dear Hearts..
Thanks to all who stopped by. It warms my heart to have friends drop in.
Hey Jeanne,,,, That darned wand backfired!!!! Oh well live and learn!
Good to see you around again Monica. I just LOVE the doll.You did a fabuli job! I will be over to feast my eyes on the beauty again.
Glad you liked the poetry Carolyn.
It a "feel Good " bit...
Have a great day to all
where I saw daffodils peeking up to-day!!!!!!!!!!!!

*~tabby~* crooked heart art said...

hi miss maggie
have you come out of hibernation yet?? VBG
i hope your snow is melting nicely-and spring is springing for you!! i promise to practice over the summer with my wand so the snows come here instead of over the border
miss ya

Noel said...

Maggie, I think you and Jeanne are right....sounds like Tammy got carried away with the wand.
If you see daffodils, that means spring is just around the corner!
Good to see you moving about again!


Fannie said...

I love your quote. Thanks for sharing.

Also love your doll. Nice work, Maggie.