Monday, April 7, 2008

In The Pink

Hi Everyone....

Here I am at last with one more thing finished to show you. This is going to JoAnne Owens's

"In The Pink" collaborative book she is creating. This piece is in the form of a postcard. I chose a dragonfly theme because as I know it " Dragonflies" mean friendship. I hope she likes it.....

Now onward and upward.... I wonder what to-morrow will bring!


Jo Anne O. said...

OH MAGGIE!!! She is just PERFECT!!! I LOVE her already and can't wait to get her home!

I do hope you plan to enclose her in some sort of envelope as we don't want her bits to go all over Canada and the US on her way home! LOL

Seriously, I have had two come through the post but I am sure you will seal her up in a nice padded envy for protection! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Her!!!!!

crooked heart art~tammy said...

hi miss maggie
oh such a pretty piece-and i love the face ;)
you sure do know how to make magic!!

Noel said...

Maggie, what a lovely pink fpc...I love the beaded dragonfly and it's that one of Dot's or did you paint it yourself?
I think Pink is it this year!!


paru's_circle said...

so lovely! did you see my cross stitch pink doll i made for Jo Anne?