Tuesday, June 23, 2009


HERE WE ARE AT CRIEFF .....We have been coming here for the past few years every June. It is a wonderful peaceful haven where we enjoy each other's company,exchange gifts, sew, eat,read or just nap!! The House of Prophet
is one of many buildings on the property and it dates way back to the 1800's

Karen finished this quilt isn't it beautiful. It is a raw edge applique...Stunning Karen!
Karen got these quilt blocks at a Mennonite relief sale. She put them to-gether and look how lovely they look. A real treasure.

Here I am grabbing a few rays of sunshine... I needed a break from the project I was doing.

This is the quilt I am making.

It is unique as the sashings are 9-patches.
I am sewing on my Singer Featherweight machine. It is the first machine I owned. My DH bought it for me in 1956. I sewed clothes for my 4 kids and myself along with curtains and anything else I made. It has been a real little workhorse. I love to use it when I travel as my computerized Bernina and Baby Lock machines are so heavy to lug around.I spent the whole time at retreat working on these 9-patches, as I needed to make 175 blocks and then add the 700 half square triangles!!!!
I can now get on with the blocks which are hand applique which is one of my favorite techniques.

We really enjoy this sunporch where we sew. They set up 4 large tables which we work on. Perfect set-up. so bright and cheery.

Heather was selected for "Teacher of the Year" with the Canadian Quilters Association. It is our big conference once a year here in Canada.We thought we would have a little ceremony just for fun and surprise Heather .We gave her a big container of Smarties... which is her fave, along with fur cape and tiara. Signs. balloons and streamers decorated the sign "Your Teacherness" which is what we allowed to address her now!!!!! hahahahhahahaha

Here is Karen in the kitchen . She makes us eggs benedict the first morning ... Oh my they were good.... (PS.... note the apron Karen is wearing... well she made each of us one the same... Oh what fun!!!!)

so that it for this year. My camera was not co-operating and I missed a lot of shots of us opening our gifts and more...sigh.... I will do better next time...
PS Seems I still haven't caught on but you have to scroll way down if you want to comment!!!!


Sharon said...

Oh Maggie you are going to get a giggle out of this.I opened your post and was reading (without my reading glasses) about your fun trip. I thought the sign said Greiff Cemetery and thought what a strange place to visit every June for years. Good grief!!!LOL I went and put the ol' glasses on and had a good laugh at myself. The place sounds like lots of fun. Sharon

Dolores said...

Try putting your cursor on the line at the very end of your post and hitting the delete key. It may get rid of all your empty space.

Merry said...

Looks like you had such a fun time.

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Such great pictures, I love your projects!

jan said...

Oh that looks just great Maggie, lucky you. I am green with envy. Looking forward to see your quilt done Maggie, it sounds interesting I couldnt see the picture on the packet, a bit blurred, dont know if it was my computer or yours!! Not to worry I got the gist of it. Get stuck into it you will soon - hahaha - have it completed.
Thanks for sharing lol Jan x

Rengin Yazitas said...

Welcome back Maggie,
I enjoyed so much reading your post, it seems that you've had great time, thanks for sharing,

Gammie said...

It sounds like you had a ball and might even be well rested. You make me want to get out the quilt I started about 15 years ago and finish it. lol It probably will never happen.


Maggie R said...

You gals and all your comments really give me a lift!!! Thanks for stopping by. Sharon.... you are as funny as a barrel of monkeys!!!!!
Dolores I will try what you said..
It sure is aggravating when that happens... I fiddled around with the draft with no luck so I will try your suggestion...
Come on Jeanne.... get that quilt out and get busy!!;-}
It will be a treasure once you are done.... want to come over and i will help you??!!

blumoon said...

Looks like fun ...

the blog fairy


maggi said...

It looks like you had a really great time, lot of fun and good food.

Maggie R said...

Oh My Gosh. My Blog Fairy AKA my daughter was here and fixed my space problem... never said a word either! You rascal.... but a great big thank you.... I appreciate your help my dear...

Beadin' Gram/aka Jackie said...

What a wonderful retreat --- I remember your photos from last year and thought how absolutely heavenly it would be to do this. Love all your blog -- you're the bestest.