Saturday, May 15, 2010

Something New

I'm not sure what was going on with me but I have not been very productive lately.. Napping has been my best suit! I hate when that happens..
However I did manage to get my muse in gear and have been enjoying some beading..
I made this beaded scarf... Isn't it pretty... Sure to look nifty on a plain dress, blouse or jacket. It is mad of gold bugle beads and bronze seed beads, and has a fringe of a variety of different complimentary beads. It is 47 inches long.... sure took awhile but well worth the effort.


Judy said...

My Goodness Maggie!What a beauty!Glad you are back into creating again. Maybe just your body catching up.Probably dreaming of all the projects you're going to be making. I've never seen a beaded scarf before!


Wow! That is quite the beading project! What patience!

Micki said...

What a gorgeous beaded necklace...that is going to be so elegant!