Monday, July 30, 2012

Artist Sale at the Elmhurst

Here I am at my table of goodies.
These events are always fun as I get to see people I would not otherwise connect with.
The weather was not good.
Thunderstorms and heavy rain  made me happy I was inside.
Some of the artists were outside under their canopys....Not fun!
Since this was a summer event, the sales were not too good.
I did manage to sell almost one of everything  so I was pleased.
I will be putting some things in my Etsy shop later to-day and will let you know.


Lottie said...

Your stall looks lovely and I can see your gorgeous little books there too.

Shame that the weather kept some folks away - we had thunderstorms here too -kept lots of folks indoors

Wanda Maria Roszak said...

Maggie, beautiful are such meetings, it is also a wonderful relax, and know many people, things. You're a beautiful woman, keep it on.
For me it is not there, here in my corner of the north Netherlands, the other is the culture of the people,
many hugs ... :)

Mama Pea said...

Oh, my gosh. I so wish I lived close enough to come visit your booth!

Jackie said...

You have set up your stall very attractively. Glad to see that you are still keeping so very busy.