Sunday, July 29, 2012

Finally Caught Up.

I have been out of commission for a bit on the verge of insanity... No kidding..
It was brutal.
My doctor is on holidays so I went to Emerge.
I had a rash all over my chest and legs.
It was so itchy I thought I would lose my mind!
Turns out I had a Yeast Skin Rash.... never heard of it before but apparently common to diabetics..Guess it loves "sugar"(me too<3)
I have been on Prednisone along with  a steroid ointment.
The prednisone shoots my blood sugar off the chart, so I have been on insulin for  now.Hope to get back to my usual oral meds this week.
Happy to report I am OK now..Just another bump in the road of life.
After all this I finally got back to my work and finished up these dolls.The order was weighing heavily on my mind but I just had no time to sew since my hands were busy scratching!

 These are the "Hot Tubbies" each wearing their own style:) you can't see in their bags but the assortment runs from knitting  to little books of Seduka Puzzles, Knitting books and cook books..LOL
And.. here are the Raggedy Anns. They are regaining their popularity happy to say.  They  encourage imagination which seems to be a lost cause nowadays...
The hair is individual strands hand knotted and does take awhile but it's there to last forever!!

So now with all that off my list I have some playtime.
I was looking at some Utube bits on Zentangles and find that very fascinating, I will show you what I learned later..
I have been working on some more journals and some fibre art pieces and inbetween I am continuing to clean out cupboards and closets...ICK!.. but a necessary evil!
Needless to say I continue to amuse myself daily and  will share my progress as time permits..
Thank you for stopping by and leaving comments.
 I look forward to your visits which always makes me smile. <3


Mama Pea said...

Glad to see you! How did the craft sale go? Has that taken place yet? Sorry to hear about your rash, but glad you are recovering okay!

Lottie said...

So very sorry to read that you have been poorly. I had shingles once that lasted a couple of years - there is nothing like a painful itching rash. And with your diabetes - what an awful experience that it affected that.

Love love love the dolls - such characters and so glad that you are perking up

Colleen said...

Your commissions look fab! Sorry to hear about the yeast rash. Yuck. Yeast rashes like that are common with people who suffer from Candida like I do. Did you the doctor recommend trying a course of acidophilus? It's a natural thing that kicks the butt of yeast based infections and problems. If you take that until your rash clears up it should really help. And if you get a hint of it again, take the acidophilus and you could avoid having to take heavier medication. The health food store just outside Woodstock stocks it. Hope that helps so your fingers can sew instead of scratch!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I love your Hot Tubbies!! They each have such a great personality. I'm glad to hear that Raggedy's are having a comeback too.